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At Mofomo Construction, our mission is to grow into a well-recognised highly recommended construction firm, which will be achieved by:  Professional conduct, which will establish by a track record of industry experience.

Being a desirable place of work, a natural home for creativity, enthusiasm and personal safety.

We strive towards ensuring safety in the workplace, consistent customer satisfaction and primarily towards delivering the highest standard of quality in the industry.

Our vision is to be a dynamic construction company delivering complete and contracting solutions.

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Mofomo Construction (PTY) Ltd was established in 1993 by the late Mr. Isaac
Mohau Mohloboli.

Mission Statement

At Mofomo Construction (PTY) Ltd, our mission is to grow into a well-
recognised highly recommended …

Core Values

We aim to become the preferred Service Provider within the construction industry, and realize that the number…

Value Adding Service

Our main focus and expectation as a Service Provider remains on the maintenance and provision of infrastructures in rural and urban areas.

Management Team

The business and operational aspects of Mofomo Construction (PTY) Ltd are
led and overseen by Managing Member Mr. R.P. Seboko, who joined
the company in 2000.

Company Details

Mofomo Construction (PTY) Ltd is 100% B-BBEE Compliant. The Company
has CIDB Gradings of 7 CE (PE) and 7 GB (PE), CRS number 105681.

Latest Projects

Upgrading of Civil Works Phase 1

Mofomo Construction | Upgrading of Civil Works

Development of Cemetery

Mofomo Construction - Development of cemetery
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