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Mofomo Construction (PTY) Ltd was established in 1993 by the late Mr Isaac Mohau Mohloboli.

Mr Isaac Mohau Mohloboli was the sole member and held 100% members interest of this entity, until his passing in 2009, when his wife, Mrs DM Mohloboli gained 50% ownership and Mr RP Seboko gained 50% (Youth), who were the main members of Mofomo Construction (PTY) Ltd. Since 19/09/2016, Mr RP Seboko was sole owner of Mofomo Construction up to 15/12/2017, where after Mrs NE Seboko joined and acquired 33% members interest.

The company has been going from strength to strength since its inception, and has become renowned for its dedication to satisfy the needs of its clients.

Mofomo Construction (PTY) Ltd is 100% B-BBEE Compliant. The Company has CIDB Gradings of 7 CE (PE) and 7 GB (PE), CRS number 105681.


At Mofomo Construction (PTY) Ltd, our mission is to grow into a well-recognised highly recommended construction firm, which will be achieved by:  Professional conduct, which will establish track record of industry experience

Being a desirable place of work, a natural home for creativity, enthusiasm and personal safety.

We strive towards ensuring safety in the workplace, consistent customer satisfaction and primarily towards delivering the highest standard of quality in the industry.

Our vision is to be a dynamic construction company delivering complete and contracting solutions.



We aim to become the preferred Service Provider within the construction industry, and realize that the number one way of achieving this is by satisfying our clients and making them our top priority at all times


In the current economy, we are constantly made aware of the increased need for job creation within our community – we strive to alleviate the  high pressure of unemployment by creating job opportunities for our people and developing entrepreneurial skills within rural areas


The business and operational aspects of Mofomo Construction (PTY) Ltd are led and overseen by Managing Member, Mr RP Seboko, who joined the company in 2000. Mr RP Seboko impressively worked his way up the ranks, while gaining valuable and extensive experience in both Building and Civil Construction  Engineering on-site, in the Estimating/Tendering Department and in the Board Room.

He has become a well-respected leader and entrepreneur.

Mr RP Seboko and Mrs. NE Seboko are supported by our very capable Management Team:

Mr J van der Mescht Head of Site Operations
Mr C Naude Commercial Manager
Ms T du Plessis Financial Manager
Mr L De Wet Contract Manager
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