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Solid Waste Site Compliance & Rehabilitation Construction

Water Supply: Cluster One

Construction of a new 6.5 ml Concrete Reservoir

Construction of Sewer Reticulation Network

Completion of Kwakwatsi Sports Complex

Upgrading of Sport and Recreational Facility

Construction of Water Reticulation and Connection of 20 Erven

New Surfaced Roads Phase 2

Sedimentation Pump House

Water Conservation and Demand Management

New Taxi Facility

Upgrading of Sport Complex

Refurbishment and Upgrading of Raw Sewer Pump Station

Upgrading of T8 Pump Station

Development of Cemetery

Construction of New 4.5 ML Day Water Treatment Works

Construction of 0.75 km Paved Road with Storm Water Drainage

Refurbishment of Mmamahabane Waste Water Treatment Works

Upgrading of Long / Triple Jump Facilities

Provision of Water Services for Network Extension and ERF Connections

Pump Station

Construction of 541 m Road

Civil and Concrete Works

Proposed CP Development

50 RDP Houses

Upgrading of Sports Facilities

Construction of Multi-purpose Courts

New Indoor Sport & Recreational Hall

Refurbishment and Upgrading of Raw Sewer Pump Station

Emergency Water Storage Reservoirs and Booster Pump Station

Upgrading of 1.2 km Paved Roads

Installation of Booster Pump Station

2578-2163 Connector Road and Provision of Stormwater

Construction of New Regional Park

Provision of Water Services for Network and ERF

Rehabilitation of Lusaba Channel x 14

Upgrading of Area Link Erf 4942

Emergency Waste Storage Reservoirs and Booster Pump Station

Upgrading of Existing Street

Upgrading of Recreational and Sports Facilities at Kgubetswana Stadium

Refurbishment of Residential Units

New Indoor Sports and Recreational Hall

New Indoor Sports & Recreational Hall

Upgrading of Sports and Recreational Facilities

Upgrading of Purification Plant

New Multi-purpose Sports Facility

Upgrading of Gravel Roads

Construction of a New Athletic Track

Construction of Multi-purpose Community Centre

2879-1495 Connector Road and Provision of Storm Water

Improvements on Flood Light Installation at Ratanang Sports Complex

Upgrading of 35 Rooms

Upgrading of Streets

Provision of Waterborne Sanitation to 426 Sites x 15

Upgrading of Internal Roads x 5

Upgrading of Water Works (Phase 1 & 2)

Upgrading of Hostels

Upgrading of Hostels

Reduction of Water Levels

Upgrading of Sports Facility (Phase 2 – Restoration of Existing Synthetic Track & Associated Works)

Renovations to Prison (Joint Venture with Incubation Programme)

Establishment of Cemetery

Upgrading of Water Works (Phase 1 & 2)

Provision of 2.5 km Roads

Construction of Paved Roads

Rehabilitation of Existing Sports Facilities

Upgrading of Sports Facility

Upgrading of Sport Complex

Construction of Ventilated Improved PIT Latrines

Upgrading of Stadium

Sports Facility

Landscaping at Naval Hill

Upgrading of Water Supply System: Alternative Water Supply

Rehabilitation of Existing Sports Facility (Phase 3)

Supply and Erect Concrete Palisade Fence

New Sheetmetal Rof for ERF Old High Lift Pump Station

Concrete Palisade Fencing for Cemetery

Upgrading of Roof at Meloding Library

New Covered Area

New Restaurant at FET College

Concrete and Pipe Work

Brick Paving

Alterations to Existing Municipal Offices

Renovations and Alterations

Upgrading of Sports Complex

Completion of 20 Houses

Repair Work to Roof at Kopano Clinic

Renovations at Virginia Library

New Ablution Block, Fence and Sports Field

New Maseru Mall

Security walling

Repair Work to Roofs at John Vorster College

Renovations to Community Centres

Upgrading of Lecture Rooms 1 & 2 at Jewellery School

Civil Works

Upgrading of Hostel C – Phase 2

Grass & Bush Cutting

Infrastructure for New Regional

Dormitory, Laundry and Flats

Upgrading of Solid Waste Landfill

Routine Road Maintenance

Upgrading of Civil Works Phase 1

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